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AIM Blog - The Agile Question: What Makes It a Better Way to Work?
October 08, 2020

When Agile was born in 2001, no-one expected it to be used outside of the software development industry. Now it has evolved into project management methodology and informs the very structure of organisations. But why is it so popular?

AIM Blog - Real or No Deal: The Necessity of Authenticity
September 17, 2020

Every organisation has shared commentary on the traumatic and divisive events of 2020. These are plain but palatable in limited doses, but it’s clear that many are nothing more than empty words devoid of an authentic will to action.

AIM Blog Achieving Self-Awareness How to Know What You Don’t Know
August 19, 2020

Self-awareness is a critical skill for everyone’s personal and professional life. It is a core underpinning of emotional intelligence, which drives our ability to communicate and collaborate with other individuals. For any role that involves working with people, especially in a management position, being self-aware will provide immeasurable value.

AIM Blog - We Even Remotely Close to Returning to Business as Usual?
July 09, 2020

It seemed that whether organisations liked it or not, due to worker demand, the future of work would unequivocally be remote. Then COVID-19 struck and suddenly many of us were forced to work remotely, and to conduct the entirety of our work remotely on top of that. What does this mean for employees and organisations as we navigate the "new normal"?

AIM Blog - 5 Tactics Buyers Use to Get Better Terms and Lower Prices
June 12, 2020

By: Jason Murray, Chief Sales Officer, RAIN Group

The phrase win-win negotiation has such a nice ring to it. It appeals to our better instincts. If we adhere to the tenets of win-win negotiation, we not only get the best results, but also do it while maintaining our values that we can expand the pie, and everyone can come out better for it.

True, except when the person on the other side has their hand in your pocket.

AIM Blog - How Australian industry has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic
May 26, 2020

In late 2019, a novel coronavirus emerged in the Hubei province of China.

On 5 January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) published their first Disease Outbreak News about the virus.

A week later (13 January) there was the first confirmed case outside of China.

By 25 January 2020, COVID-19 had reached Australia.

AIM Blog - The Peter Principle: Prophetic or preventable?
April 03, 2020

In 1969, Laurence J. Peter made the sweeping claim that “in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to [their] level of incompetence.” This statement is known as The Peter Principle and if you presume that it is accurate, it suggests something quite dire: given enough time and promotions, every position in every organisation is filled by somebody incapable of fulfilling the parameters of their role.

AIM Blog Approaching New Leadership: Adaptability in the face of unavoidable change
March 03, 2020

Today’s new world of work comes with a more mobile, flexible, and globally diverse workforce, and an increasing rate of technological change. Now more than ever, we need the ability to be adaptive and resilient.

AIM Blog The State of Australian Workplace Mental Health
February 18, 2020

Beyond causing serious personal harm to individuals, in fact costs the Australian economy as much as $12 billion every year due to lost productivity and sickness absence.

A-Mentor of Mentors: The True Role of the Modern Leader
February 07, 2020

There is endless debate about the role of leaders in modern organisations and innumerable definitions of what leadership even means in a business context.

Leaders are taskmasters, responsible for ensuring that staff complete their individual work effectively and efficiently.

Leaders are strategists who devise plans, explore opportunities, drive innovation, and set goals.

Leaders are paragons that inspire and engage others through their own shining example of hard work and creativity.