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One date billing for all

Moving into the new financial year, your AIM membership renewal date will be moving. You may be aware that your membership fees could be tax deductible.  To make it easier for you to claim your full deduction, AIM Membership renewal dates for all new and current members will now be May 31 each year.

What this means is if your current renewal date falls in a month other than May, you will be invoiced for the proportion of the year you are a member.  So, if your current renewal date is October, you will be invoiced for the seven months until May 31.

All your current rates will still apply, just applied to the months between your anniversary date and May 31.

We have made this change to streamline the renewal process and to assist you to take advantage of your tax benefits.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact your membership administration team on 1300 661 061.