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Owner Manager of the Year

Entrepreneurs and business owners are recognised through the Owner Manager of the Year category. They are savvy, hard working individuals with incredible determination who have channeled their learnings, turning points and visionary moments into viable businesses.

This award is aimed at the managing partners and owners of businesses across all industries. The nominees in this category are usually owners, co-owners, sole proprietors and managing partners. The nominees organisation must employ five or more people. The nominee must be the person actively managing the business and must have at least a 25% share in the business.

Please note that this category is open to nominations from individual owner managers only. Joint nominations cannot be accepted.

Nominees must be able to demonstrate:

  • Management excellence and ongoing best practice in their own business
  • Survival strategies for the continuation and/or growth of the business
  • Effective communication of their organisation's goals and vision to all stakeholders
  • Leadership and/or mentoring capabilities
  • Demonstrated financial success

Please note, nominees aged between 18 and 30 years may wish to instead apply for Young Manager of the Year.