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Public Sector


The Australian Institute of Management is committed to developing capability in the public sector. We will partner with you to develop your people, from entry-level graduate training through to senior executive development programs.

AIM’s Public Sector expertise comes from years of working with various public sector departments on personal and professional development whilst also drawing a wealth of knowledge from the Centre for Public Management (CPM), an AIM division with more than 20 years’ experience at the heart of the public sector.

We understand your challenges, whether you are trying to find the balance between risk management and innovation, struggling to find someone that understands your complex policies and procedures, or trying to find the right balance between technical expertise and management skills, let us work with you on a solution to fit.

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How we can work together

The public sector relies on building high-performing individuals and teams, as part of a broader focus on departmental performance. Be it accredited courses or customised strategic thinking programs, AIM can work with the public sector to deliver high-quality and effective learning outcomes.

Short courses and qualifications

Choose from a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ courses and qualifications, designed with practical learning in mind. Public sector specific qualifications and public sector preferred short courses available.

Customised Solutions

Sometimes you need more than pre-built programs; you need a full training solution that is tailored to fit your needs. That’s where AIM’s Corporate Solutions team comes in. we can work with you to understand your gaps and design a program or series to fill them.

Mapping to public sector frameworks

Want to know how AIM’s programs fit with your department’s needs? In collaboration with public sector agencies, we have mapped our programs to each of the Capability Framworks. Use the form to download yours.

What did participants say?

"The leadership program really gave me far more confidence in leading others and I was promoted to a Director position within six months."

"Even 10 years on, I can remember the program acutely, so profound was its impact."


The rapidly changing demands on public sector managers require you to not only know how to lead, and to demonstrate leadership behaviours, but also to “be” a congruent and values-driven leader – this program will explore these concepts and support you in becoming the best leader you can be.

Find out more about From Manager to Leader

"Most thought provoking program I have attended, exceptional! Very public sector specific."

EL2 participant

Mastering leadership in the public sector is complex and challenging. This program builds your leadership skills in social and emotional intelligence and links these skills to the critical elements of the “knowing, doing and being of leadership”.

Find out more about Leading with Mastery and Insight

"It gave you specific strategies to take away to apply in the workplace, and also an insight into how others see you."

EL2 participant

As you move into management, investing in developing your leadership capability is essential. The program is designed for those new to the Executive Level and will equip you with a range of new skills to improve your effectiveness at the Executive Level, including practical tools to assist with delegation, performance management and workplace relationships.

Find out more about Building New Leadership

"This is great for new and middle managers looking to take their performance to the next level."

EL1 participant

The program is built around the concept of Strategic Intelligence (SI) and argues that strategic thinking and behaviour play a far greater role in our individual success and effectiveness, whether in the workplace or at home, than is commonly acknowledged. Strategic Intelligence is also more than simply high order strategic thinking. It also includes communicating and 'selling' the strategy and ensuring that it is successfully implemented.

Find out more about Leading with Strategic Intelligence

"The whole program was very useful... a fantastic facilitator."

EL2 participant

This short course uses assessment tools as well as practical application to help you apply emotional intelligence to workplace interactions. Learn to understand your own Emotional Quotient and the science behind communication to help improve relationships and results.

Who should take this course?

Individuals and team leaders alike. Emotional Intelligence is essential for healthy workplaces, regardless of seniority.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understand the social neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence
  • Improve your management of emotions
  • Enhance your relationships within and outside of the workplace
  • Facilitate difficult conversations with confidence and create a positive work environment

Find out more about Leading with Emotional Intelligence.

A comprehensive Project Management course providing the foundations needed to initiate and manage workplace projects. Using the PMBoK® methodology, learn the end-to-end project lifecycle.

Who should take this course?

New or aspiring project managers or general managers who are commencing work on projects.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Develop project management plans, scope and boundaries
  • Define project scope and boundaries
  • Implement project schedules, budgets and communication plans
  • Finalise and report on projects

Find out more about Project Management Fundamentals.

Gain the foundational knowledge, communication skills and performance management techniques essential to any new supervisor or manager. Focusing on you and your personality, get to know how your own skills and weaknesses as a manager.

Who should take this course?

First-time managers or people looking to take a promotion into a leadership role.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Identify the strengths of your character and develop your effectiveness in communicating with others
  • Build credibility and trust while cultivating positive workplace relationships
  • Provide direction and motivate teams to achieve operational outcomes
  • Monitor performance and overcome common challenges

Find out more about New Supervisor.

The Dealing with Difficult Behaviours short course supports your development as a proficient communicator, adept in dealing with challenging personalities and situations. Through this course you will gain the confidence and professionalism to maintain composure in the face of difficulty.

Who should take this course?

Individuals that that want to strengthen their skills in handling challenging situations appropriately and successfully.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Develop personal assertiveness strategies
  • Understand brain response functions to others' difficult behaviour
  • Identify ways people create and use conflict to manipulate others
  • Identify and understand types of difficult behaviour
  • Develop tactics to manage difficult behaviour
  • Communicate positively and assertively
  • Determine how and when to train, coach and counsel difficult employees
  • Respond to difficult situations with professionalism and confidence

Find out more about Dealing with Difficult Behaviours.

People Matters is a behavioural change program that provides current and aspiring team leaders across the Queensland public sector with practical skills to manage people in the workplace and common workforce challenges.

Who should take this course?

If you are employed within the Queensland public sector and you are new to management or seeking a refresher program on core people management skills.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understand the authorising environment and responsibilities of a public sector team leader
  • Develop knowledge and practical skills to meet changing departmental and workforce needs
  • Develop confidence in managing people, performance and change

Find out more about People Matters.

To find out how AIM can help improve organisational performance call 1300 658 337 or click here to download your guide to public sector programs.

Why AIM?

AIM seamlessly aligns with the professional development needs of today's public sector.


Profession of management.

We exist to service the profession of management and to assist the public sector in reaching its full potential.


Public sector expertise.

We are a team that understands and works with the public sector, while also drawing on the best thinking from the private sector.


Our approach and experience.

We will work in partnership with you, building on almost 75 years’ experience partnering with thousands of corporate and public sector clients.


Highly regarded and proven curriculum.

We deliver a public sector offering based on AIM’s highly regarded curriculum, including short unaccredited courses, vocational qualifications and a progression path to an MBA.


A truely national footprint.

We can provide consistent and high quality programs in each state and territory, either at your premises or at an AIM training venue.