Where aspiring and existing managers who recognise the complex, demanding nature of leadership acquire and develop skills, build their expertise, and become Australia’s undisputed leaders of the future.

For 80 years, AIM has been at the forefront of developing Australian professionals into effective managers and outstanding leaders. We’ve gained a lot of experience over this time, such as the value of soft skills, methods to improve and utilise emotional intelligence, and how impactful leadership translates into an engaged workforce.

The Faculty of Leadership and Strategy has training programs that cover all experience levels, ensuring that individuals at any stage of their career can take advantage of our expertise. This includes skill-focused Short Courses, Vocational Qualifications for mid-level managers, and Higher Education programs that articulate into our industry-leading MBA+.

75.55% of Australians have left at least one of their last three organisations because of the leadership team, their direct manager, or a combination of both

55% of Australian business leaders rate leadership as one of the five most essential skills for their company

More than 40% of Australian businesses are not meeting their performance targets because leaders and managers are not mastering basic management fundamentals

70% of the variance in employee engagement is explained by the quality of the leadership

Who should attend AIM's Leadership & Strategy courses?

who want to prove their capacity to effectively lead others


who want to expand their strategic skills to achieve business objectives


seeking the comprehensive skillset to ensure sustainable success


who want to supplement their technical education for rapid career progression


Faculty of Leadership and Strategy - Chip McKibben

Chip McKibben

Chip brings 18 years of corporate experience in sales strategy, leadership training, and high-performance team coaching. Chip combines his experience gained as an elite athlete with his corporate experience in both the USA and Australia to provide value-driven support and mentoring for leaders functioning within demanding, high-performance environments.

Faculty of Leadership and Strategy - Toni Greenwood

Toni Greenwood

Toni is an experienced organisation development consultant, trainer, and executive coach with a background in leadership development, management, and adult education. Her pragmatic style derives from her 20 years’ service in the Royal Australian Navy. Toni’s strength is her ability to effectively communicate concepts across all levels of business, from strategic thinking to frontline leadership, as well as her ability to role model the key skills of leaders and managers using real life examples and practical demonstrations.

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